Exporter Directory

MCG (Mandalay Coffee Group)

Mandalay Coffee Group buys ripe cherry from smallholder and estate farmers in different regions of Myanmar. We process that cherry in both washed and dry natural methods, and sell high-quality green bean to roasters both domestically and overseas. We also connect Myanmar’s smallholder producers to specialty coffee buyers worldwide through our milling and exporting services. MCG is an active supporter of the Myanmar Coffee Association, a non-profit group formed to advance the national coffee industry.

SHWE YAMONE Manufacturing Co.,Ltd

Our Shwe Yamone Manufacturing Co., Ltd. which is one of Seafood processor and Exporter in Myanmar. We are leading the seafood exporting in Myanmar since 2001. We have three factories in Myanmar. Two is Yangon and one is in Laputta (Delta area). We are processing now for value added product like as breaded shrimp, Cuttlet, Nobashi and IQF. For local distribution, we supply the seafood products and kitchen products by door to door system. It is for Restaurants, Embassy, Offshore, Hotels and even home demand for small kitchen in the whole Myanmar.